About the Thompson Rolfing Center

The Thompson Rolfing Center, founded in 1969 by Ron Thompson, offers an opportunity to invest in your body.  With 47 years of combined experience, the Thompson Rolfing Center is a pioneer in the development of Rolfing. Ron Thompson was a student and later the personal Rolfer to Dr. Ida Rolf (the founder of rolfing), Rebecca Thompson studied under Ron.

Your physical being, the body, is like clothing. It can fit so comfortably you hardly know it’s there. It can soothe and protect you. It can free you to move about unselfconsciously and like clothing it can be altered. The forces of gravity and life can affect the basic fabric of your body in ways contrary to its own original ideal pattern. Returning your body to its unique and healthy pattern is the purpose of Rolfing as practiced by Rebecca and Ron Thompson at the Thompson Rolfing Center.

Rolfer Biographies

Ron Thompson

Rebecca Thompson

Dr. Ida Rolf