Becca Thompson - Thompson Rolfing CenterRebecca (Becca) Thompson

Rebecca graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and Advertising in 2010. Immediately after she began a consulting career in IT business software with an award winning Inc. 5000 listed company.

Throughout her college years and into her career Rebecca raced triathlons and participated in endurance sports. The heavy loads of training brought common and reoccurring ailments. For relief from this pain and help to correct her injuries Rebecca would turn to her father and personal Rolfer, Ron Thompson. A true expert, Ron would work with her to diagnose her issues and provide relief. Her Rolfing sessions allowed her to continue training with reduced pains and provided her new strength. Having grown up in the holistic world of medicine with all different types of therapies, Rolfing proved to have the most impact. It created lasting changes in her body.

In 2012 after years of seeing these changes and countless hours of personal instruction from her father, Rebecca decided to leave the corporate world behind and follow in the family calling. She studied in Florida, Hawaii, and Colorado and became a certified Rolf Practitioner. Currently she works alongside her father at the Thompson Rolfing Center.