Rolfing Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of commonly asked questions about Rolfing in Tampa and the Thompson Rolfing Center.

Why can’t I stand up straight?

You cannot stand up straight because some of our patterns are developed early in life; they have become part of our structures. Simply standing up straight does not alter the pattern. Frame this thought with the idea of putting on a wetsuit. If it’s too tight, it doesn’t give you the freedom to choose what position you want to be in with ease. As soon as you quit thinking about standing up straight, you return to usual pattern. After Rolfing, your fascia and structure are changed, giving you the option to live in a different pattern without having to force it.

Do I have to do the ten series?

To get the full benefits of Rolfing, the ten series is highly recommended. If you’re unsure and would like to give it a try, we encourage you to come in for one session. Then you can better asses if the ten series would benefit you.

Who should get Rolfed?

Everyone! But the following is a list of some examples of who would be interested in receiving this work.

  • People with high stress or physically demanding jobs
  • People who sit for long hours at desks
  • People who experience chronic pain or tension or are recovering from injuries
  • Athletes, dancers, musicians and anyone physically active who are looking to improve their craft
  • People of all ages; infants to seniors who are interested in bettering themselves

Benefits you may have not considered:

  • Faster times in swimming, biking and running
  • More flexibility
  • Increased energy and confidence

Does it hurt?

Many people have heard that Rolfing can be painful. This reputation came about back in the 1960’s when Dr. Ida Rolf was still practicing and teaching. This new type of therapy needed time to find what was most effective and Rolfers were still learning about the body. Since then, Rolfing has evolved and our knowledge on fascia has improved. Rolfing is not out to force change; we work with the individual’s needs. Our technique involves slow lengthening of the tissues giving it time to release. Depending on how overused, chronic or injured an area is will determine the sensations a client will experience. This can vary from intense to wonderful. Regardless of our mission to heal your tissues, you the client are always in control of the session and the Rolfer will always be attentive to your levels of sensitivity.

What do I wear?

There is no draping during the sessions so please wear something you are comfortable in such as workout clothes, a bathing suit or your knickers! The easier it is to get to your tissues, the better for your session.

Where are you located?

1708 West Waters Avenue

Tampa, Fl, 33604

For more information

If we didn’t answer your specific question, please call us. We are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about Rolfing.